Generally, the need to capture data and manage transactions is the primary objective of the ERP and CRM systems in your organization. However, business requirements may change during the life of the ERP and CRM systems and not all data capture and management tasks are ever fully enabled on the ERP and CRM systems to begin with.

In such situations, most, if not all organizations will resort to capturing key organizational information not managed by the ERP/CRM system in stand-alone Excel files. This practice is highly risky for organizations, since these Excel files are not centrally managed and safeguarded. It is difficult to guarantee unforeseen data deletion, duplication and modification in these satellite Excel files, which will certainly create negative repercusions for the business if they occur.

For this reason, BI360's powerful DataWarehouse technology with easy entry, central DB saving and retrieval, makes it an excellent, flexible and cost-effective choice when organizations are looking to centralize such non-ERP/CRM data within a more governed DB structure rather than the typical risky stand-alone Excel files.